Vorboss Transforms London’s Business Fibre Network with Vertical Integration

Vorboss, the trailblazing telecommunications player, has ushered in a new era of business connectivity in London. Through a unique vertically integrated approach, Vorboss has established a dedicated business fibre network that is propelling London towards a standard of 10Gbps, a transformation essential for modern businesses.

This groundbreaking model has empowered Vorboss to create a network with substantially greater capacity than its competitors, offering customers connectivity ranging up to 100Gbps at highly competitive rates. What sets Vorboss apart further is its remarkable efficiency in connecting customers, outpacing the current industry standards.

Constructing the finest comprehensive business fibre network in London was a monumental undertaking. While 70% of the UK’s connectivity demands converge on Central London, the majority of this market is served by an aging incumbent internet operator that fails to meet the needs of contemporary businesses. Vorboss stepped in to fill this void, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative design to construct its network from scratch.

In just three years, Vorboss has deployed over 500 km of network in Central London, a scale unprecedented in the fiber industry, especially within such a tight timeframe. This achievement was made possible through vertical integration, enabling Vorboss to oversee the entire value chain from fiber to service delivery, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and flexibility—an accomplishment unattainable with traditional telecoms models.

Customer-Centric Approach

In contrast to most telecom companies, Vorboss prioritized customer needs from the outset and worked backward. A relentless focus on market-leading bandwidth, capacity, and delivery has resulted in unbeatable products for London’s enterprises.

Vorboss stands as the sole vertically integrated Internet Service Provider (ISP) dedicated to London’s business community. Its people-centric operational model maximizes efficiency and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

An Unconventional Model for Empowering Networks

Vorboss’s commitment to prioritizing people over assets led to the creation of an unconventional network empowerment model.

Creating a Motivated Workforce

To achieve true vertical integration, Vorboss initiated the process with its workforce. The company established a certified training academy that equips individuals with no telecoms experience to build their network. Vorboss is one of the few UK ISPs that conduct all their training in-house, ensuring the quality standards necessary for its ambitious customers. Keeping training in-house has enabled Vorboss to foster diversity and inclusion within its team, addressing the industry’s significant diversity challenges from the ground up. This approach has resulted in an engaged, motivated team that thinks innovatively to solve customer problems.

Separating People and Assets

Recognizing that many of its employees rely on public transportation, Vorboss devised a system that separates personnel and resources. Installation Technicians travel to job sites using public transportation, while professional drivers are responsible for transporting tools and equipment. This separation enhances team efficiency and accelerates project completion.

Building In-House Software

Vorboss recognized the need for customized software solutions early on to support its innovative model. A team of 25 Software Developers, led by the Chief Information Officer, was assembled to develop customer-facing products tailored to Vorboss’s needs. This includes a data management platform that comprehensively analyzes business data and tools to facilitate deployment and network operations. This agile approach to software development allows Vorboss to respond rapidly to customer requirements and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Setting New Standards

Vorboss’s organizational design positions it to adapt to evolving economic climates and customer needs, securing London’s place in the global economy.

With a workforce of approximately 400 and the capability to connect over 120,000 businesses in Central London, Vorboss’s model has proven its effectiveness. Backed by the Fern Trading Group, advised by Octopus Investments, and marked by its fresh approach, premium network, and a team reflective of the communities it serves, Vorboss has emerged as the premier and largest business-only fiber network in Central London.

Jonny Rae

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