Vorboss Sets Industry Standard with -5.6% Median Gender Pay Gap in 2022

In a significant step towards greater workplace equity and diversity, Vorboss has unveiled its 2022 Gender Pay Gap Report, revealing a -5.6% median gender pay gap. This report underscores Vorboss’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment, setting a noteworthy example within the telecommunications sector.

The gender pay gap, a measure of the disparity in earnings between women and men across an organization, stands at -5.6% for Vorboss in 2022. This figure is in stark contrast to the UK’s median gender pay gap of 9.4%. Importantly, it should be noted that the gender pay gap is distinct from equal pay, which pertains to the equitable remuneration of women and men for the same role.

A Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

The report underscores Vorboss’s unwavering dedication to promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity across all aspects of its operations. The company has proactively introduced policies designed to attract and retain women in its workforce. A particular focus has been placed on enhancing diversity within field-based roles, traditionally male-dominated within the industry.

CEO Tim Creswick expressed his satisfaction with the progress, stating, “We grew our team dramatically during the period, yet I’m pleased to report that we seized the opportunity to do so inclusively. While we still have a lot more we want to do, I’m proud to report sector-leading gender diversity. Whilst the pay gap figures required by law don’t show the full picture, we’ve worked hard to ensure women are on an absolutely equal footing in our organization.”

A Forward-Looking Approach to 2023

While the 2022 report showcases commendable achievements, Vorboss remains forward-looking. The company is committed to further enhancing diversity within lower and middle roles and prioritizing the recruitment and advancement of women into leadership positions. While the 2022 report reflects positive progress, Vorboss recognizes that continued efforts are essential in ensuring a more equitable and diverse workforce.

Jonny Rae

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