Vodafone Launches 2.2GB Full Fibre Broadband Product

Vodafone has just unveiled its fastest-ever broadband, Pro II, offering full fibre speeds of up to 2.2Gbps.

Vodafone’s Pro II isn’t just about speed; it’s also about reliability and security. The plan includes, as standard their “Secure Net Home” product, providing hassle-free security and family controls for over 150 devices at no extra cost.

The first customer to experience these new speeds is now connected through CityFibre’s full fibre network in Cambridgeshire, part of the government’s ‘Project Gigabit’ programme.

Pro II packages come with Vodafone’s Ultra Hub router, allowing up to 150 devices to be connected at one time and can include their “wall-to-wall” WiFi 6E Boosters, plus an automatic 4G broadband backup to ensure customers stay connected if their primary fibre connection fails. All this is available for £70 a month (which to be fair, is a good price for everything included).

Rob Winterschladen, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK comments: “As ‘The Nation’s Network’, we’re committed to delivering the best and most reliable home connectivity experience. We are challenging the market by offering unbeatable products and services at great value. Not only are we the UK’s biggest Full Fibre provider with a market-leading offering in Pro II inclusive of Secure Net Home, our best-ever security and family controls, we also now offer faster speeds to more homes than any other major provider. Combined, this makes for a really exciting time to switch to Vodafone and get the ultimate, hassle-free broadband for busy families – all at a great price”.

It’s worth noting that many household devices may not yet be capable of consuming speeds of up to 2.2Gbps. However, this level of connectivity is paving the way for an enviable, higher-bandwidth future. It allows numerous devices to experience more streamlined consumption, meaning you can game, work from home, stream, and do everything else in between without experiencing any slowdown.

Expanding on this, the introduction of such high-speed internet is not just about the current capabilities of our devices but about future-proofing our homes. As technology advances, we will see more devices that can utilize these higher speeds. This includes everything from 8K video streaming to augmented reality applications and advanced smart home devices that require consistent and rapid data transfer.

Moreover, with more people working from home and relying on the internet for entertainment, education, and communication, having a robust and high-speed connection ensures that multiple users can engage in bandwidth-intensive activities simultaneously. No longer will one person’s video call interfere with another’s online gaming or streaming experience. It creates an environment where high performance is the standard, regardless of how many devices are connected or how they are being used.

In essence, while today’s devices might not fully utilize 2.2Gbps speeds, the infrastructure is being set to accommodate the next generation of technological advancements. This means that as new devices and applications emerge, households will be ready to integrate them seamlessly into their daily lives without the worry of connectivity issues.

Emily Turner

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