Vodafone boosts York with new Full Fibre Technology

Vodafone is launching a 2 Gbps service in York over the CityFibre network. This announcement comes after the successful completion of the trial and the upgrades to the York CityFibre network to support XGS-PON. With XGS-PON supporting symmetrical speeds of up to 10 Gbps, the 2 Gbps service is only the first step in Vodafone’s plan to offer even higher speeds. The service will be launched under the Vodafone Pro II Broadband product and will include a new Vodafone Ultra Hub and Super WiFi6E Booster bundle.

York is the first city in the CityFibre network to receive the upgrade from GPON to XGS-PON, with upgrades set to be completed by April 2023. While there have been no signs of anyone in York reaching speeds above a gigabit, Vodafone is confident that their Pro II Broadband service with the Ultra Hub and Super WiFi6E Booster will provide customers with the fastest broadband speeds possible at an affordable price.

Max Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer Vodafone UK, said: “We’re the biggest Full Fibre broadband provider in the UK and recording our fastest ever home WiFi speed showcases the true capability of the technology and our Pro II Broadband. With the UK’s fastest router, we’re all set to handle the next exciting developments, so our customers always get the fastest broadband speeds possible, in all corners of their home at a great price.”

CityFibre’s network currently spans almost two million premises and is set to exceed this number by April 2023. Vodafone is the largest Full Fibre broadband provider in the UK, offering services on the CityFibre and Openreach networks. Their footprint covers over 10 million premises, and they sell in more locations on the CityFibre network than any other household name.

This upgrade to the CityFibre network in York is a significant step forward in providing fast and reliable broadband services to more homes and businesses in the UK. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even faster speeds and more widespread coverage, ultimately benefiting consumers and driving innovation in the telecommunications industry.

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