Title: Quickline Expands Full Fibre Broadband Coverage to Four Lincolnshire Communities

Quickline, a leading broadband provider, has successfully launched its high-speed full fibre broadband in four additional communities in Lincolnshire, enhancing digital connectivity for over 1,800 properties. The communities benefiting from this expansion are Goulceby, Martin, and Timberland in Lincolnshire, along with Belton in North Lincolnshire.

This development comes as a result of Quickline’s substantial investment in building and extending its network infrastructure in these regions. The completion of this project signifies a major milestone for Quickline, as it extends its gigabit-capable full fibre network to homes and businesses in these communities.

Goulceby, located in the East Lindsey district, and Martin and Timberland in Lincolnshire’s North Kesteven district, now join Belton in the Isle of Axholme area of North Lincolnshire in enjoying the advantages of Quickline’s high-speed broadband services.

Residents and businesses in these areas can now benefit from Quickline’s fast and reliable broadband, providing a seamless digital experience without buffering or delays. This development is particularly significant for communities that have long grappled with slow and inconsistent broadband services.

Julian Chalk, Head of Enablement and Engagement at Quickline, expressed the transformative impact of full fibre broadband on these communities, stating, “Our full fibre broadband is a game-changer for communities that have endured slow and inconsistent broadband for too long.”

Quickline’s commitment to improving digital connectivity in underserved areas is evident in this expansion, marking another step towards bridging the digital divide and ensuring that more communities have access to reliable and high-speed broadband services.

Emily Turner

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