Quickline CEO, Sean Royce, Recognized with Outstanding Contribution Award at INCA 2023

Quickline proudly announces that its CEO, Sean Royce, has been bestowed with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution award at the 2023 Independent Networks Co-operative Association (INCA) Awards. The recognition reflects Sean’s remarkable contributions to the broadband industry, spanning over three decades.

The INCA Awards, designed to acknowledge excellence in alternative broadband networks (altnets) and internet service providers (ISPs) across the UK, celebrated Sean Royce as a trailblazer in the field. His visionary leadership and groundbreaking initiatives have significantly shaped the industry’s landscape.

Sean’s accolades include introducing the first commercial ‘fast internet’ service using ADSL technology and pioneering innovative TV and VOD (video on demand) services. His lasting impact, however, came in 2011 when he successfully advocated for the construction of a city-wide full-fibre network, making Hull the first city in the UK with 100% full fibre coverage by 2019.

Under Sean’s guidance, Hull’s achievement resulted in a profound positive economic impact for the region. His commitment to fibre-optic connectivity extended to urban areas with a focus on fibre to the premise (FTTP). Currently, Sean is spearheading another pioneering initiative – integrating 5G standalone Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) with FTTP to bridge the digital divide in deep rural areas.

Sean Royce expressed his gratitude for the award, emphasizing its acknowledgment not only of his individual efforts but also of the collaborative work of the teams he has had the privilege to lead over the past 30 years. He remains dedicated to Quickline’s mission of connecting rural communities to a world of possibilities, with a particular focus on making a positive impact in hard-to-reach locations across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The INCA Awards Dinner, where Sean received the accolade, unfolded as part of the two-day annual conference held at the National Conference Centre near Birmingham. The event marked a significant recognition of Sean Royce’s enduring commitment to advancing broadband accessibility and connectivity in the UK.

Max Walker

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