Tim Creswick, CEO of Vorboss, Assumes Role as ITP Chair

The telecommunications industry witnesses a significant development as Tim Creswick, CEO of Vorboss, takes on the position of Chair of the Board of Directors at the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP).

Tim’s appointment underlines his exceptional leadership in breaking down employment barriers and advancing diversity and inclusion within the telecoms sector. Vorboss, under Tim’s guidance, has collaborated with ITP to provide opportunities for apprentices from diverse backgrounds, contributing to broader accessibility and equality in the industry.

As the new ITP Chair, Tim will collaborate with regulators, government associations, and industry leaders on vital projects shaping the sector’s future. He will also share best practices with global corporations and educational institutions, amplifying the impact of his initiatives.

The ITP, a not-for-profit organization addressing the UK’s digital skills gap, is transforming the telecoms landscape by working with employers and the broader industry to establish a sustainable and diverse workforce.

Vorboss shares this mission, committed to building a team that challenges the status quo. Through collaboration with ITP, Vorboss has tapped into diverse talent pools and welcomed newcomers to the telecoms industry, creating over 300 new job opportunities in London.

Tim and Vorboss strongly believe that anyone with the right attitude should have the chance to pursue a career in telecoms, actively working to dismantle barriers.

Vorboss Training Academy

In 2021, Vorboss, in partnership with ITP, launched the Vorboss Academy to expand its intake of apprentices. This accredited in-house program equips individuals unfamiliar with telecoms with the skills needed to start a career in the industry.

Today, Vorboss boasts the industry’s most diverse fiber installation team, with nearly 40% of its field-based installation team comprising women. The ITP’s focus on personal development and skill bridging has been pivotal in the growth and success of Vorboss’s field team, with participants gaining qualifications, experience, and a robust professional network.

Diversity and Inclusion at Vorboss

Vorboss has always been committed to building a workplace centered on its people, a commitment recognized by The Sunday Times, which named Vorboss one of the best places to work in the UK, especially for women.

Diversity and accessibility in the telecoms sector have long posed significant challenges. Tim has been a vocal advocate for a proactive approach, emphasizing the need to attract diverse perspectives and talents to drive industry change in the coming decades.

Beyond attracting diverse talent, providing a supportive environment where all individuals can thrive is essential to breaking barriers sustainably. Vorboss’s dedicated team has played a pivotal role in solidifying the company’s position as a market leader in fiber connectivity, underscoring the belief that people and culture form the foundation of a thriving business.

Tim’s Vision

Tim’s overarching goal is to inspire change on a broader scale, leveraging his role to champion hiring based on attitude and trainable skills, a philosophy successfully demonstrated by Vorboss.

“I’m passionate about enhancing access, diversity, and equality in a traditionally conservative sector. While Vorboss has made significant progress, the ITP role provides an impartial platform from which I can advocate for these ideals across the industry, reaching far beyond what one company could achieve.”

Jonny Rae

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