TalkTalk Wholesale’s rebrand is on-point. Here’s why…

It’s happened! TalkTalks wholesale arm has now been rebranded to PlatformX Communications, and we absolutely love it!

Just look at this naughty brand. They’ve taken a completely different stance in a traditional market, and this is exactly what we like to see. The larger wholesale brands have very much stayed the same over the last decade, and times have completely changed as we enter the broadband revolution! PXC is 100% leading the way to support their partners. We first got excited when we heard they were interconnecting into different networks, and apparently now, they are keeping fresh with their new look!

We know they’ve been building under the hood too. The need to keep up with the modern tech-savvy connectivity provider isn’t being ignored 👀 Of course, for the B2B wholesale side, their acquisition of Virtual1 has completely revolutionised the way resellers engage with Ethernet options, but now it seems they are doing more for the layer 3 ISP providers now too!

Snip: From PlatformX website

We’ve seen rebrands within the wholesale space before, but thats normally due to acquisition. So its great to see a wholesale provider wanting to take a modern approach on purpose!

With PXC breaking away from the TalkTalk group at the start of March, we didnt expect to see the rebrand so soon. But we’re glad they did.

Its clear they’re not just in the market to support partners on Connectiviy, either. Looking at the new site, we can see various options, including Cloud & Security, Voice, Managed Security, and Portals & API’s. Could PXC start to mop up from Giacom within the traditional reseller space! Who knows. Now they have the tech to support them, this absolutely could be the time to strike.

The channel has been longing for a wholesale provider to nurse their full needs within both the consumer and business spaces. We’re yet to see a provider serve a layer 3 wholesale solution for both consumer footprint and business, with the added bonus of operating across multiple networks. Sure, we can get some CityFibre & Openreach FTTP through our usual culprits, but they don’t tend to the needs of the consumer resellers, and from what we know, they definitely don’t seem keen on interconnecting into the altnets. But now that could all change with mother-clucking-PXC!

Snip: From PlatformX website

Seeing a brand of this size adapt to the changes in the channel landscape is a breath of fresh air, and we can only imagine this is the start of a huge push from PlatformX.

Better yet, they actually seem to get it. You can see from their nav bar that they have a section under “partner types.”. Gone are the days of having you’re own standard B2B reseller. In today’s world, “reselling” takes on many different models, and they get that! We can even see a section for “System Integrator” (bonus for the Fibrenews platform launching soon) & “Aggregator”. Its this type of stuff that makes forward thinking disruptor brands excited.

Snip: From PlatformX website

Now, let’s talk about what we like about the brand…

Layout: The website has a TON of content to offer with such a large product portfolio, but the layout is crystal clean and the content is broken down in easy-to-read formatting. 10 points

Intuitive design: We LOVE the way the site interacts, especially the colour changes as you scroll through. We love the way the logo shrinks when you scroll too. Very 2024

Imagery: Its clear the company wants to make a statement of being “young and modern” with its use of Gen Z-like imagery. Nothing wrong with that, we’ve got tuns of “youngen” coming through the ranks now, and they’ve seen the success before, being the layer 3 partner to Cuckoo when they launched.

Colours: Yep. That ticked a box for us. No more traditional corporate blues.

Let’s hope PlatformX provides us with some insider demo’s so we can keep you in the loop and really take a deep dive into the new forward thinking wholesale provider we’ve all wanted!

Also, its important to note that we’re writing this completely independently. We’ve become PXC fanboys because we’re excited to see the wholesale space finally listen to what the industry needs!

Exciting times are ahead 🙌

Jonny Rae

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