Skelton Resident Shares Positive Experience with Quickline’s Broadband Service

For many, the internet has become an integral part of daily life, making reliable broadband connectivity more essential than ever. One Skelton resident recently shared their experience with Quickline, highlighting the positive impact the company’s broadband service has had on their digital life.

Having called Skelton home for 25 years, the resident expressed their affection for the community and its close-knit nature. Skelton’s appeal lies in its vibrant local football team and a circle of friends who have become an integral part of their life. Professionally, the resident works as an electrical supervisor in Kirkbymoorside, while their spouse is a cleaner. Together, they’ve embraced Skelton as the ideal place to live.

When asked about their internet usage, the resident described it as encompassing a wide range of activities, from watching YouTube videos to engaging in social media and checking emails. With their children now grown and moved out, their internet usage might have reduced slightly, but the importance of a fast and dependable broadband connection remains paramount.

Reflecting on their previous broadband service, the resident recounted a frustrating and glitchy experience that often involved interrupted streaming and unexpected disconnections. They noted that previous providers couldn’t offer the reliable connection and good speeds they desired, leading to a tedious cycle of switching between different providers in search of a suitable solution.

The resident’s journey to Quickline began when they noticed an advertisement on Facebook, indicating that Quickline could provide broadband in Skelton. Encouraged by positive feedback from fellow villagers on the Skelton Facebook community page, the resident decided to give Quickline a try.

Describing their experience with Quickline, the resident commended the company for its clarity and smooth transition process. Quickline’s engineers arrived promptly, spent a couple of hours connecting their home, and ensured that everything worked seamlessly. Although there was one instance of internet dropout, Quickline promptly resolved the issue and followed up the next day to confirm everything was functioning correctly.

Overall, Quickline’s service has made life significantly easier for the Skelton resident. They no longer worry about sudden internet interruptions and have enjoyed consistent speeds. Looking back, they struggle to comprehend how they managed with their previous providers and have wholeheartedly recommended Quickline to friends, fellow villagers, and the Skelton Facebook community.

Jonny Rae

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