Quickline Transforms Broadband Experience for Retired Couple in North Lincolnshire

Burton upon Stather residents Anne and John Pink recently shared their transformational experience with Quickline, highlighting how the company’s reliable broadband service has greatly improved their lives.

Anne and John moved to Burton upon Stather from Devon seven years ago, attracted by the friendly and welcoming community. They purchased a home in need of significant renovations, making North Lincolnshire their new home.

The couple’s internet connection plays a crucial role in their lives. They have friends in Uganda and use the internet to maintain contact via Zoom calls. Over the years, they’ve been involved in various projects in Uganda, including supporting a local school. Without a reliable internet connection, these activities would be impossible.

A fast and dependable broadband connection is essential for Anne and John, who both have health conditions. They rely on online shopping for groceries and use the internet for communication with local groups in Scunthorpe through WhatsApp and Zoom calls.

Their previous broadband service, provided by another company, was characterized by frequent interruptions, buffering, and unresponsive customer support. The Pinks found this service both frustrating and expensive.

Their decision to switch to Quickline was influenced by the sight of a Quickline engineer installing fibre cables in their area. The engineer’s professionalism and the opportunity to speak directly with the Quickline team convinced them to make the switch.

The transition to Quickline was seamless, with the couple praising the helpful and friendly staff throughout the process. They described the service as fast, reliable, and exactly as promised.

Quickline’s broadband has enabled the Pinks to complete online tasks more efficiently, from shopping to streaming and video calls. They no longer worry about interruptions during important online activities.

Anne and John Pink enthusiastically recommend Quickline to friends and family, emphasizing the company’s professionalism, accessibility, and commitment to providing a high-quality broadband experience.

Jonny Rae

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