Quickline Transforming Broadband in Skelton

Skelton resident, John, shares his experience of life before and after Quickline’s arrival, highlighting the transformative impact of fast and reliable broadband on his family’s daily life.

John and his family moved to their Skelton home over six years ago, seeking more space and a peaceful community. He describes Skelton as a tranquil place with essential amenities, including a village shop and garden centre, making it an ideal place for family living. The proximity to York’s city center and the convenience of the park and ride service added to the appeal of their location.

For John, the internet plays a pivotal role, given his self-employment as the owner of an office technology supplies company. His business relies heavily on a stable and responsive internet connection. However, prior to Quickline, he faced frequent disruptions during video meetings and encountered persistent issues with his previous broadband service.

The transition to Quickline was a game-changer. John’s work and his wife’s degree studies, which depended on a reliable internet connection, became significantly less stressful. Their teenagers, who returned home for a while, also benefited from improved internet access.

Quickline’s smooth and efficient service impressed John. He recalls only one minor internet outage, swiftly resolved by Quickline’s team. This marked a significant contrast to his previous provider, where service issues were the norm.

Quickline’s arrival in Skelton was a turning point, ending years of broadband struggles. John acknowledges that Quickline has been a “godsend” for their community, and he has already recommended the service to others in the Skelton area.

Jonny Rae

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