Quickline ISP continues to grow its Full Fibre offering

Quickline’s innovative hybrid full fibre and 5G fixed wireless broadband rollout has tripled broadband speeds for more than 50,000 rural homes across the UK in 2022. The last year has seen almost 100 mast sites go live in North and West Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, upgrading internet speeds for over 2,000 rural communities. This is a significant achievement for the altnet, given the significant challenges of providing fast broadband to remote areas of the country.

CEO Sean Royce expressed his belief that everyone deserves high-quality and reliable broadband services, regardless of where they live. However, many rural areas across the UK remain poorly served, with slow or non-existent broadband speeds. Quickline aims to address this issue by passing over 500,000 poorly serviced rural premises with fibre and providing remote communities with a 5G fixed wireless service.

The company’s network spans 196 miles from north to south and 178 miles from east to west, with its highest site being 83m at Emley Moor in West Yorkshire. The altnet is rapidly expanding its network to provide fast and reliable broadband to rural communities across the country.

In addition to improving internet speeds, Quickline’s rollout has brought many benefits to rural areas, including improved access to online services, telehealth, education, and remote working. The provision of fast broadband services in remote areas will also encourage investment and help to drive economic growth in these areas.

Quickline’s success highlights the crucial role that altnets play in delivering fast broadband services to remote areas. With the UK government’s ongoing commitment to improving internet connectivity, more and more companies like Quickline are likely to emerge and expand their operations to meet the growing demand for fast and reliable broadband in rural areas.

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