Quickline Connects Dragonby to Full Fibre Network, Revolutionizing Broadband Access

The small hamlet of Dragonby in North Lincolnshire, home to fewer than 60 residences, can now enjoy high-speed internet access, thanks to Quickline Communications. Dragonby is the first rural community to be connected to Quickline’s full fibre network by their newly-established in-house Build Team.

With broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps now available, Dragonby residents can experience uninterrupted online activities, including streaming, shopping, and socializing. This initiative reflects Quickline’s commitment to bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas.

Quickline’s CEO, Sean Royce, emphasized the importance of fast and reliable broadband in today’s digital age, noting that their full fibre network provides game-changing speeds and a rock-solid connection. He expressed his delight in offering Dragonby residents an enhanced digital experience, made possible by their dedicated Build Team’s efforts.

The rollout of reliable broadband to rural communities is a priority for Quickline, covering North Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, and West Yorkshire. Andrew Percy, MP for the Brigg and Goole constituency, visited Dragonby to meet Quickline’s team and praised the company’s investment in providing essential internet services to underserved communities.

Councillor Elaine Marper, a Quickline customer herself, highlighted the significant improvement in internet connectivity brought about by Quickline’s services, encouraging residents in other communities to explore the possibilities Quickline offers.

Dragonby joins a growing list of rural communities in North Lincolnshire benefiting from Quickline’s full fibre network. The company’s in-house Build Team, comprising highly qualified and experienced professionals, is crucial to achieving their ambitious full fibre rollout targets, aiming to connect over 55,000 homes and businesses in 2023. This approach sets Quickline apart from many other internet providers, allowing them to accelerate their efforts to bring high-speed broadband to underserved regions.

Jonny Rae

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