Quickline Applauds Ofcom’s Ban on Mid-Contract Price Hikes, Prioritizing Consumer Peace of Mind

The rural broadband provider stands by its commitment to consumers amid Ofcom’s decisive move

Quickline, a prominent rural broadband provider, has expressed its support for Ofcom’s recent decision to prohibit mid-contract price hikes, emphasizing its dedication to consumer interests. The UK communications regulator’s move comes after a comprehensive review of existing policies, and Quickline welcomes the positive change.

Title: “Quickline Commends Ofcom’s Bold Stand Against Mid-Contract Price Hikes, Ensuring Consumer Confidence”

The company has consistently advocated for this regulatory adjustment and aligns itself with the consumer’s perspective. Quickline proudly declares that it refrained from implementing price increases for customers in 2023, and it commits to maintaining this stance throughout 2024.

Sean Royce, CEO of Quickline, expressed his wholehearted appreciation for Ofcom’s decision to ban what he considers as unfair mid-contract price rises, particularly in the context of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Royce stated, “We wholeheartedly welcome the move by Ofcom to ban unfair mid-contract price rises, in the interests of the consumer.”

He emphasized the importance of consumer reassurance, stating, “Consumers need the reassurance that the price they sign up for is the price they will pay, in pounds and pence and for the full duration of their contract.”

Earlier this year, Quickline took a proactive step by reaffirming its commitment to a two-year price freeze. This initiative aimed to alleviate customer concerns about potential cost hikes, especially during a time when several major broadband providers significantly increased their tariffs, often surpassing inflation rates.

Royce acknowledged Ofcom’s decision as a positive step towards providing consumers with the peace of mind they deserve. Quickline, on a mission to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, remains steadfast in its commitment to consumer welfare and fair pricing practices.

Jonny Rae

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