Pendle Residents in Line for Ultrafast Broadband Revolution: Andrew Stephenson MP Takes a Look

Pendle, Lancashire, is on the cusp of a digital revolution as Openreach embarks on a groundbreaking project to bring ultrafast broadband to the region. This initiative will provide residents and businesses with access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband services in Europe.

The Full Fibre broadband upgrade currently underway is a once-in-a-generation development. It will empower thousands of local residents and businesses, enabling them to connect multiple devices at gigabit-capable speeds. This technological leap promises to facilitate online trade and competitiveness for decades to come.

Andrew Stephenson, Member of Parliament for Pendle, recently visited Openreach’s chief engineers in Nelson. His objective was to gain firsthand insights into the innovative engineering techniques being employed to deliver ultrafast and ultra-reliable full fibre broadband across the constituency. During his visit, he received a comprehensive tour of the work and an update on the project’s progress. Remarkably, the project has already reached more than 25,000 homes and businesses in Pendle.

Stephenson expressed his appreciation for Openreach’s endeavors, stating, “It was good catching up with Openreach and hearing more about their work connecting local homes to ultrafast broadband. There is a huge amount of work underway.” He took the opportunity to engage with the local team of engineers, discussing the challenges they encounter in their mission. Moreover, he expressed his gratitude to them for their dedication to improving connectivity for 25,000 homes and businesses in Pendle. The conversation also revolved around the unique challenges faced by certain areas in Pendle and how Openreach is investing in new technologies to overcome these hurdles.

Full Fibre broadband, with its superior reliability, resilience, and future-proof connectivity, is set to drastically reduce faults and offer consistent speeds. It will cater to the increasing demands for data, ensuring a seamless online experience. Residents can look forward to enjoying various online services and entertainment, including smooth streaming and uninterrupted online gaming. Meanwhile, businesses can rely on their broadband for essential tasks such as video calls, banking, and customer interactions via social media platforms.

Local residents interested in staying updated on the project’s progress and checking when services will be available from their chosen provider can visit

The visit to Nelson was facilitated by Waqas Nasim, Openreach’s local build manager, who expressed their enthusiasm for showcasing the technology and providing project updates. Nasim mentioned the substantial scale of this infrastructure upgrade, which will involve increased engineering presence in the area. Openreach is dedicated to minimizing disruptions, utilizing its existing network of ducts and poles wherever possible to avoid roadworks and disturbances. Nasim also highlighted the deployment of advanced technologies like underground cameras to inspect ducts for blockages, enabling minimal street excavation.

Openreach’s new ultrafast Full Fibre network in Lancashire has already reached approximately 300,000 properties, including residents and businesses in Barnoldswick, Earby, and Nelson. Investment plans are in the works for Colne. Openreach aims to introduce this transformative technology to 25 million homes and businesses across the UK by the end of 2026.

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