Over 5,000 Bracknell Households to Enjoy Enhanced Broadband Through Wayleave Agreement with CityFibre

Bracknell residents are in for a significant broadband upgrade, with more than 5,000 households set to access lightning-fast and reliable broadband connectivity. This transformation comes as a result of a wayleave agreement inked between CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform, and Silva Homes, granting the necessary permissions for essential groundworks and installations.

CityFibre’s substantial £20 million investment in Bracknell aims to introduce a comprehensive full fibre network that leverages 100% fibre optic technology to transmit data at lightning speed from residences to the point of connection. This cutting-edge infrastructure will deliver impressive speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for both uploads and downloads, along with virtually limitless bandwidth and steadfast connectivity.

The advanced connectivity promises residents a seamless experience when accessing tenant portals and public service systems, as well as when setting up and managing utilities. With bandwidth limitations virtually eliminated, individuals will also be able to fully enjoy the latest smart home technologies, effortlessly stream entertainment across multiple devices, and work efficiently from the comfort of their homes.

Sanjay Sudra, Head of Wayleaves at CityFibre, emphasized that internet access is now an essential utility, touching various aspects of modern life. He expressed that this agreement will bring tangible benefits to thousands of Bracknell residents living in social housing, affording them access to top-tier connectivity.

Tim Hall, Lead Asset Partner (Planned Works) at Silva Homes, highlighted the significant digital infrastructure transformation taking place in Bracknell, promising long-term benefits for residents. He noted that this arrangement will provide many customers’ homes with the option of accessing high-speed, full fibre broadband.

In Bracknell, customers will have the opportunity to connect to the new network and enjoy full fibre-enabled broadband through a selection of service providers. These providers include CityFibre’s UK launch partner, Vodafone, offering selected Vodafone Pro Broadband plans, along with TalkTalk, Giganet, Zen, IDnet, Trunk, Octaplus, Yayzi, Zybre, and Andrews & Arnold. The network expects to welcome additional providers in the near future.

Bracknell residents can anticipate a significant enhancement in their broadband experience, thanks to this collaborative initiative by CityFibre and Silva Homes, ensuring that high-speed and reliable connectivity is accessible to a broader segment of the community.

Jonny Rae

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