Openreach’s Full Fibre Revolutionizes Staffordshire Leaflet Distribution Business

A Staffordshire-based leaflet distribution business has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its day-to-day operations, all thanks to the introduction of faster and more reliable full fibre broadband. Chris and Louise Saunders, owners of the business, have experienced a significant boost in their operations, enabling instant uploads and downloads, immediate client connections, and seamless online business processes.

This transformation has been made possible through a collaboration between Staffordshire County Council, Openreach, and the UK Government’s Building Digital UK. Together, they spearheaded a Fibre Community Partnership, supported by the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, aimed at bringing full fibre connectivity to 48 local premises in Lea Heath, situated east of Stafford, and the nearby area of Drointon.

Chris Saunders expressed his satisfaction, stating, “The full-fibre connection has been brilliant – a real life changer. We do all of our business operation online and can now do anything at any time.” He highlighted the limitations they faced with their previous copper connection, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Louise Saunders added, “The business uses online portals to connect with clients and we also design leaflets, which involves uploading artwork. This used to be painful and could cause errors. Now it’s so slick and we can do things in a split second.”

The advantages of reliable full fibre broadband extend beyond business operations. With video meetings becoming commonplace, a dependable internet connection has reduced travel time and expenses.

The positive impact of full fibre connectivity has also reached the broader community, particularly older residents who are embracing technology to make video calls to family and friends. Additionally, the availability of streamed CCTV feeds has proven beneficial for a local farmer.

The entire process of bringing full fibre to Lea Heath and Drointon has been described as seamless, with excellent communication from the program team.

Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for environment, infrastructure, and climate change, commented on the success of Openreach’s Fibre Community Partnership program. He emphasized how it has brought communities together and vastly improved rural business operations, achieving the desired outcomes of the program.

Kasam Hussain, partnership director for the Midlands, highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating, “People living and working in Lea Heath now have access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband available in the UK, and it’s good for decades to come. They join more than 100,000 premises across Staffordshire that now have access to full fibre.”

Jonny Rae

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