Openreach Unleashes Ultrafast Broadband Upgrade in Guildford and Woking

Openreach, a leading broadband infrastructure provider, is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to introduce a new ultrafast, Full Fibre broadband network in Guildford and Woking. This strategic move is set to grant residents and businesses access to some of the fastest and most reliable broadband services in Europe, marking a significant leap in connectivity standards.

The ambitious broadband infrastructure upgrade, considered a once-in-a-generation project, promises to empower thousands of local individuals and businesses by enabling connections at gigabit-capable speeds. This initiative not only facilitates seamless online experiences for residents but also positions businesses to trade online competently, ensuring they remain competitive for decades to come.

In Guildford, the broadband project is already in motion, with over 9,000 homes and businesses ready to upgrade. The initiative is expected to progressively cover most of the town. Simultaneously, the build has commenced in Woking, where residents can anticipate an increasing presence of engineers in the coming months.

Full Fibre broadband, the technological backbone of this initiative, offers enhanced reliability, resilience, and future-proof connectivity. This translates to fewer faults, more predictable and consistent speeds, and ample capacity to accommodate the burgeoning data demands of the digital age.

Residents stand to benefit from an array of online services and entertainment, including seamless streaming and smooth online gaming experiences. Beyond leisure, this technology supports essential business functions such as video calls, online banking, and customer interactions.

To keep residents informed and engaged, Openreach encourages them to visit Here, they can register for updates and track the progress of the build, checking when services become available through their chosen providers.

Kieran Wines, the Regional Partnership Director for Openreach, emphasized the significance of this infrastructure upgrade and assured residents that efforts are underway to minimize disruptions. Utilizing existing networks of ducts and poles is a priority to avoid extensive roadworks and disturbances. However, in some instances, new installations of poles, underground ducts, and fiber cables may be necessary to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Guildford and Woking are integral components of Openreach’s comprehensive build across the southeast. This initiative spans over a million homes and businesses in the region, encompassing more than 200 rural towns and villages. The goal is to ensure equitable progress, providing effortless online connectivity to all residents in the southeast. The potential economic impact is substantial, with the vision of a multi-billion pound boost to the region’s economy.

The partnership with Morrison Telecom Services (MTS) underscores Openreach’s commitment to delivering this ambitious project in Guildford. Jack Digweed, Contracts Manager at Morrison Telecom Services, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative effort and the positive impact this major investment will have on both residents and businesses.

Openreach’s mission is not just to upgrade connectivity; it is about fostering opportunities, connectivity, and economic growth for communities across the southeast.

Jonny Rae

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