Openreach Unleashes Full Fibre Transformation in South Lanarkshire

In a significant stride towards elevating digital connectivity, Openreach, in collaboration with the Scottish Government’s £600 million Reaching 100% programme, has successfully upgraded approximately 2,400 households and businesses in South Lanarkshire. This transformative initiative is part of the broader R100 rollout, extending the availability of full fibre technology to 40,000 of Scotland’s most challenging-to-connect properties.

Recent upgrades in Douglas Water, Elvanfoot, Lamington, and Strathaven underscore the program’s effectiveness, with ongoing groundwork in Coalburn and additional homes in Lanark positioned for the next wave of ultra-fast and reliable connection upgrades.

Full fibre broadband, boasting speeds over 30 times faster than the Scottish Government’s initial commitment for superfast services, represents a monumental leap in technological capability for residents in South Lanarkshire. Interested individuals can track the rollout progress and register for updates at

Registrations under the R100 program play a crucial role in Openreach’s strategic planning, facilitating the efficient deployment of full fibre based on community demand. Once the service becomes available, residents can seamlessly arrange for upgrades through their chosen providers.

Scottish Government Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead emphasized the significance of full fibre upgrades for homes and businesses in locations like Crawford and Douglas Water. Lochhead highlighted the R100 contracts’ role in delivering future-proofed digital infrastructure, fostering economic growth, and enhancing the economic prospects of communities across Scotland.

Full fibre broadband not only provides more reliable and resilient connections but also future-proofs against evolving data demands across multiple devices. Its benefits extend to diverse online activities at home, including data-intensive streaming of movies, sports, TV, and online gaming. For businesses, an ultra-reliable connection contributes to productivity, efficiency, and security, supporting day-to-day tasks such as video calls, cloud applications, online banking, and customer experiences.

Robert Thorburn, Openreach Partnership Director for Scotland, underscored the R100 program’s commitment to bringing fast and reliable broadband to the most challenging locations in Scotland. Acknowledging the complexity of the build, Thorburn emphasized the collaborative efforts with South Lanarkshire Council and build partners to minimize disruption to residents, highlighting the magnitude of this civil undertaking.

Max Walker

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