Openreach Engineers Dedicate Time to Clean Up Welsh Coastline

Around 100 dedicated Openreach engineers have spent the last month volunteering their time to support Welsh communities in keeping their beaches and lakesides clean and green.

These engineers, who work day-to-day to build and maintain Openreach’s ultrafast full fibre network, have already collected over 60 bags of rubbish as a result of their efforts.

Their volunteer work has taken them to six different locations: Borth, Southerndown, Lakeside-way in Brynmawr, Llansteffan, Porthcawl, and Llanberis.

Shaun White, Senior Area Manager for Openreach in Wales, expressed pride in the engineers, stating, “Our engineers are not just dedicated to providing top-notch ultrafast broadband services; they’re also committed to making a positive difference in the communities they live and work in. We are thrilled to see them dedicating their time and energy to keep Welsh beaches clean and beautiful.”

This beach clean-up initiative aligns with Openreach’s broader commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By volunteering their time to pick up litter, Openreach engineers are not only helping to maintain the natural beauty of Wales but also demonstrating the company’s commitment to environmental conservation and community well-being, thus contributing to the global effort to reduce plastic pollution.

Brian Mogford, Local Environment Technical Officer for Carmarthenshire Council, commended the volunteers’ hard work in cleaning Llansteffan beach. He noted that the Openreach volunteers removed thousands of small pieces of plastic and nylon rope, making a significant difference to marine life.

Openreach is actively engaged in corporate social responsibility initiatives that support local causes and organizations. Employees are encouraged to participate in charitable activities, fostering a culture of giving back and making a difference in the communities they serve.

In addition to its efforts in cleaning up the coast, Openreach is committed to sustainability. The company plans to phase out diesel vehicles and replace them with electric vehicles by 2030. Openreach has also updated its packaging policy to minimize waste and promote recyclable, reusable, and recycled content, saving a substantial 64 tonnes of waste in the supply chain.

Openreach’s efforts in Wales are substantial, with a workforce of around 2,300 in the region. They are helping to connect everyone in Wales to full fibre, with the potential to boost the Welsh economy by £2 billion, according to research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

The company’s dedication to community, sustainability, and technological advancement underscores its commitment to being a responsible and forward-thinking service provider.

Jonny Rae

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