Openreach Engineer Celebrates Monumental 60 Years of Service

In a rare and impressive milestone, Openreach engineer Mike Reeve has achieved an extraordinary 60 years of dedicated service, solidifying his position as one of the longest-serving employees in the history of Openreach, its parent company BT Group, and its predecessor, the General Post Office.

Mike Reeve commenced his journey with the company on August 26, 1963, as part of the ‘youth in training’ program for the General Post Office in Cambridge. What started as a young endeavor evolved into a remarkable career that witnessed the transformation of communication technology over six decades. From the era of copper cables and manual switchboards to the current age of the internet, broadband, and the ongoing deployment of ultrafast fibre optic technologies, Mike has been a witness to the evolution of the industry.

A celebratory event at BT Tower in Swansea gathered 40 of Mike’s colleagues, past and present, honoring his exceptional commitment. In recognition of his unwavering dedication, Mike was presented with a well-deserved long-service award.

Having relocated from his hometown of Bury St Edmunds to Swansea in 1975, Mike’s impact has spanned across major corporations, essential institutions like banks and schools, and individual homes and small businesses. His skills and experience have benefited an extensive array of customers.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, Mike expressed his enjoyment of working with wonderful colleagues and managers, stating that there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. Despite his significant achievement, Mike has no immediate plans to retire, emphasizing his passion for the job and his intent to continue contributing to Openreach.

When asked about the technological advancements he has witnessed, Mike highlighted the incredible progress in telecommunications, from the necessity of operators to make long-distance calls to the current ability to videocall loved ones globally from remote locations. Clive Selley, Openreach CEO, conveyed admiration for Mike’s substantial contribution, emphasizing the pivotal role of dedicated individuals like him in the success of Openreach. Selley extended congratulations to Mike on reaching this remarkable milestone, acknowledging his outstanding dedication and service to customers and the company.

Max Walker

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