Openreach Encouraged Thwing Residents to Embrace Ultrafast Broadband Opportunity

Openreach is extending an invitation to the residents and businesses of Thwing, urging them to support an initiative to bring ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to their community.

The company emphasizes the significance of this unique opportunity, cautioning that without active participation in applying for free Government broadband vouchers, Thwing risks missing out on a transformative full fibre upgrade that could significantly enhance internet speeds and reliability.

By rallying a sufficient number of participants, the village can join the ranks of over 38,000 homes and businesses across the East Riding already enjoying the benefits of full fibre broadband. This initiative leverages funding from the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme and the deployment of advanced broadband signal boosting technology. These developments are enabling thousands of remote rural communities, including Thwing, to access ultrafast technology.

Openreach has identified Thwing as a prime candidate for Full Fibre and encourages local residents to take the next step by applying for and pooling their free Government Gigabit Vouchers to support the network expansion.

Residents can easily determine their eligibility and pledge their vouchers on the Connect My Community website. The use of these vouchers, which entail no cost for residents, empowers Openreach to collaborate with the local community in constructing a customized, co-funded network. Furthermore, these vouchers can be combined to extend the ultrafast, ultra-reliable network to outlying rural areas that would otherwise lack coverage due to limited private investment.

Louise Thompson, Openreach’s regional engagement manager, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity, stating, “This is a really exciting opportunity for the people of Thwing to bring all the benefits of ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to their community. Our Fibre Community Partnership programme has meant that we’ve been able to potentially bring hundreds more communities across the UK into our Full Fibre build plans. But building out the network to these harder-to-reach locations is still challenging – which is why it’s only possible with everyone working together – you, your neighbors, and Openreach.”

She added, “Everyone who pledges a voucher will be doing their bit to help make Thwing one of the best-connected places in the UK. We’re investing £15 billion to build full fibre broadband to 25 million homes – and more than six million of those will be in the toughest third of the UK – but we can’t upgrade the whole country alone. This latest support from the government is a vital part of that process.”

Jonny Rae

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