Openreach Commits £100 Million Investment to Expand Full Fibre Network Across Northern Ireland

Openreach, the powerhouse behind Northern Ireland’s broadband landscape, is making waves with a monumental commitment: an investment exceeding £100 million to expand and fortify its Ultrafast Full Fibre network. This ambitious endeavor aims to connect over 100,000 additional homes and businesses, stretching its reach into the farthest corners of rural Northern Ireland.

Already, Openreach has empowered over 87% of properties across Northern Ireland with the option to upgrade to Ultrafast Full Fibre. But this multi-year investment program is set to propel Openreach’s Full Fibre footprint in Northern Ireland to a staggering 97%, ushering in a new era of lightning-fast and dependable broadband access across the region.

But wait, there’s more! This extension of the Full Fibre network not only promises enhanced broadband connectivity but also ensures continued access to a diverse array of providers. With over 650 communications providers utilizing the Openreach network in Northern Ireland, including giants like Sky, TalkTalk, BT, and Vodafone, consumers have the freedom to explore thousands of broadband packages tailored to their needs and budgets.

At the heart of this monumental investment lies Openreach’s unwavering commitment to future-proofing Northern Ireland’s broadband infrastructure. By rolling out Full Fibre broadband, communities throughout the region are reaping the rewards of connections up to twelve times faster than average broadband. From seamless video calling and high-resolution movie streaming to uninterrupted gaming sessions, families and businesses alike are enjoying a superior online experience.

But Openreach’s expansion program isn’t just about urban centers; it’s also focused on bridging the digital divide in hard-to-reach rural areas. These communities, often underserved by traditional broadband solutions, stand to benefit immensely from this initiative.

Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hailed the announcement, emphasizing the critical role digital connectivity plays in driving economic growth and empowering businesses to thrive on the global stage.

Garret Kavanagh, Director at Openreach, expressed pride in the pivotal role the company plays in enhancing connectivity and choice for homes and businesses across Northern Ireland. With Ultrafast Full Fibre already embraced by over 50% of users on their network, Openreach is poised to deliver on its commitment to expand access to high-quality connectivity for all, ensuring no community gets left behind in the digital age.

Max Walker

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