Openreach Commences Ultrafast Broadband Project in Scarborough

Openreach, the UK’s leading broadband infrastructure provider, has initiated a significant project to introduce an ultrafast broadband network in Scarborough. This upgrade, characterized as a once-in-a-generation Full Fibre broadband transformation, promises to deliver some of the fastest and most dependable broadband services in Europe to both residents and businesses in the area.

The new ultrafast broadband technology will empower thousands of locals and businesses by offering gigabit-capable speeds and enhancing their ability to trade online effectively. It’s known for its remarkable reliability, resilience, and future-proofing, ensuring fewer faults, consistent speeds, and ample capacity to meet the growing data needs.

Matthew Lovegrove, Openreach Partnership Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber, highlighted the significance of the project, noting that it will involve extensive infrastructure upgrades. While the initiative will lead to increased activity by Openreach engineers and equipment in the region, efforts are being made to minimize disruptions. Whenever feasible, existing ducts and poles will be used to circumvent the need for new street installations and disturbances. However, in certain areas, new poles or underground ducts may be required to ensure as many premises as possible benefit from the broadband upgrade.

Local residents are encouraged to stay informed by visiting to register for updates and verify when services become available from their chosen providers. Matthew emphasized that while transitioning to full fibre is straightforward and potentially cost-effective, individuals need to contact their broadband service provider to place orders and take advantage of these enhancements. Openreach is committed to delivering a top-tier service to residents in North Yorkshire as the engineering build progresses, fostering an environment where people can work from home efficiently and establish stronger connections and opportunities within their communities.

Jonny Rae

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