Openreach Commences Full Fibre Broadband Deployment in Annan

Annan is set to witness a transformative upgrade in its broadband infrastructure as Openreach initiates the construction of a new ultrafast broadband network, positioning residents and businesses to access some of the fastest and most dependable broadband services in Europe.

This groundbreaking Full Fibre broadband upgrade, a once-in-a-generation endeavor, will empower numerous local residents and businesses to establish connections to multiple devices at gigabit-capable speeds. This leap in connectivity will facilitate online trading and competitiveness for years to come.

Engineers have already embarked on their mission in the town, with the construction expected to span the next 18-24 months, encompassing the majority of local homes and businesses. The Full Fibre broadband technology promises enhanced reliability, resilience, and future-proof connectivity. It boasts fewer faults, predictable, consistent speeds, and ample capacity to cater to escalating data demands.

Residents of Annan will relish a spectrum of online services and entertainment options, characterized by seamless streaming and uninterrupted online gaming. Moreover, the technology robustly supports day-to-day business-critical activities, including video calls, banking, and online customer interactions.

For those keen to stay informed about the project’s progress, Openreach invites them to register for updates and check their addresses on the Openreach website. Robert Thorburn, Openreach Partnership Director for Scotland, underscored the significance of this infrastructure undertaking and the company’s commitment to minimizing disruptions. Openreach will leverage its existing network of ducts and poles to circumvent roadworks, new street installations, and disturbances. However, certain areas may necessitate the installation of new poles, underground ducts, and fibre cables to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Thorburn also expressed excitement for this project, emphasizing Annan’s role within Openreach’s balanced build strategy across Scotland. The strategy encompasses over 200 rural towns and villages, with the aim of fostering equitable progress, online connectivity, and community-based opportunities throughout Scotland. The successful completion of this endeavor, connecting all of Scotland to the fastest and most reliable broadband, holds the promise of a multibillion-pound economic boost.

Openreach’s ultrafast Full Fibre network in Scotland has already expanded to reach more than 949,000 properties. The company plans to continue this rollout, extending the new technology to 25 million homes and businesses across the UK by the end of 2026.

Jonny Rae

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