Openreach Celebrates Black History Month by Highlighting Inspirational Stories

In recognition of Black History Month (BHM), Openreach is shining a light on the remarkable stories of the black individuals who are integral to the organization. Their goal is to make Openreach a diverse and inclusive workplace where every voice is heard.

One such inspiring individual is Stephen Adubofour, a Project Manager for Openreach’s Full Fibre build program and a member of the Ethnic Diversity Network (EDN) committee. Born and raised in Ilford, Essex, with Ghanaian heritage, Stephen is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion. Beyond his role at Openreach, he hosts an award-winning podcast called “Beyond The Hashtag,” where he explores stories of racial injustice through the lens of British football.

Stephen Adubofour’s journey is marked by the influence of prominent figures in the world of football. As a dedicated Arsenal fan, he finds inspiration in legendary striker Thierry Henry, who not only looked like him but also represented his aspirations by achieving success in the sport. Additionally, Stephen admires Troy Townsend, an ex-footballer who now serves as the Head of Development at Kick It Out, an anti-racism organization. Stephen had the opportunity to interview Troy for his podcast, and the connection has continued, with Troy providing valuable advice on breaking barriers and promoting inclusivity.

Stephen’s podcast, “Beyond the Hashtag,” serves as a platform to promote diversity of thought. He adopts a relaxed and non-scripted style in his interviews, encouraging participants to share their honest views on diversity and inclusion. Despite initial uncertainties, Stephen’s dedication and learning have allowed him to continually improve the quality of his podcast.

Looking ahead, Stephen is committed to making BHM 2023 even more significant. He emphasizes the need for increased education on black history, particularly in school curriculums. To address this, Stephen and Openreach aim to focus on learning about black culture during Black History Month. The Birmingham office of Openreach will host the main BHM event, celebrating African and Caribbean culture with food, dance, and featuring special guest Anita Asante, an Ex-England Footballer and a symbol of inspiration for black women in football and the LGBTQ+ community.

Stephen’s vision for the future of Black History Month is one of inclusivity, where it can be organized by colleagues of any background. He continues to drive the EDN alongside other committee members at Openreach to make this vision a reality.

Jonny Rae

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