Olympic Gold Medallists, the Brownlee Brothers, Inspire Yorkshire Schoolchildren in Partnership with Quickline

Celebrated athletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee share their inspirational journey at Archbishop of York Church of England Junior School

In a remarkable collaboration, Yorkshire’s Olympic triathlon heroes, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, teamed up with Quickline to bring their gold medal experience to schoolchildren in Yorkshire. The Brownlee brothers, with three Olympic triathlon gold medals between them, visited the Archbishop of York Church of England Junior School in Bishopthorpe to inspire pupils and share their story.

Title: “Brownlee Brothers’ Gold Medal Inspiration: A Day to Remember for Yorkshire Schoolchildren”

Alistair, the only male Olympic triathlete to secure back-to-back gold medals, and Jonny, the most decorated Olympic triathlete in history, joined forces with Quickline earlier this year as brand ambassadors. Their mission: to spread awareness about fast and reliable broadband services.

The duo featured in Quickline’s first national TV advert on ITV, emphasizing the importance of not settling for second-best in broadband services. Taking their commitment further, Alistair and Jonny engaged with pupils from years 3 and 4 at Archbishop of York School, participating in a PE lesson, conducting a Q&A session, and discussing their inspiring journey from Bramhope near Leeds to Olympic success.

Alistair expressed gratitude for the partnership with Quickline, enabling them to connect with communities and make a positive impact. He highlighted the importance of encouraging young people to embrace various sports and lead a healthy, active lifestyle—a principle embedded in the Brownlee Foundation, launched nine years ago.

Jonny’s message focused on encouraging young individuals to give their best in all aspects of life and not to fear failure. Sharing personal inspirations, he recalled Alistair’s representation of Team GB and how it motivated him to do the same.

Sean Royce, Quickline CEO, shared the joy of partnering with the Brownlees to spread the word about fast and reliable broadband across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. He expressed delight in offering pupils an unforgettable experience with Yorkshire’s Olympians, hoping it would leave a lasting impact on their futures.

The day’s activities included games, discussions on topics ranging from diet and nutrition to the challenges of international competition, and an opportunity for pupils to hear about the brothers’ personal experiences. Alistair’s recent election as Chair of the European Olympic Committee’s Athlete Commission and Jonny’s ongoing professional training for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris added further dimensions to their inspirational journey.

The Brownlee Foundation, established by the brothers, has engaged with over 50,000 young people, promoting active lifestyles and the benefits of sports opportunities. In addition to their athletic achievements, Alistair and Jonny are actively involved in initiatives promoting health, wellbeing, and athlete representation.

Quickline, on a mission to address internet inequality in rural communities across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, offers next-generation 5G fixed wireless broadband blended with full fibre service—creating the UK’s only gigabit-capable network using hybrid technology.

Emily Turner

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