Ofcom’s Equinox 2 Consultation Extension Spurs Openreach’s Response

London, UK – In response to Ofcom’s announcement this morning regarding the extension of the Equinox 2 consultation, Openreach has issued a statement emphasizing the importance of a thorough and equitable examination of the feedback received. While Openreach maintains its position that its offer is not anti-competitive, it acknowledges the need for Ofcom to comprehensively assess the situation before making any decisions.

As a result of this extension, Openreach’s discounted Full Fibre prices will not be implemented on April 1st, as originally planned. However, Openreach is committed to ensuring that customers do not bear the brunt of this delay. If Ofcom’s initial assessment, which aligns with Openreach’s view, is confirmed in May, the company will take steps to ensure that customers can benefit from Equinox 2 pricing from April 1st.

Openreach’s offer is driven by the feedback from customers who seek more affordable pricing and long-term certainty to facilitate their transition to faster and more reliable broadband connections. This initiative also aligns with Openreach’s ongoing multi-billion pound investment aimed at upgrading the UK’s broadband infrastructure.

Jonny Rae

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