MS3 Networks Hits 200,000 Properties Passed!

MS3 is making serious strides toward its ambitious goal of covering over 500,000 premises with its 10Gb fibre network. They’ve now passed more than 200,000 homes and businesses across the North of England. Completed builds in Scunthorpe and Immingham, ongoing work in Mexborough and Grimsby, and a major push in Hull are all part of this impressive expansion. By the end of 2024, MS3 aims to wrap up the majority of its Hull build.

Hull, the home base for MS3, has seen a significant full fibre rollout with 113,000 premises passed and 93,000 of those able to order services today. Customers can choose from 15 residential and 35 business partners, either directly or through the price comparison site. The take-up in Hull is notable, with customer penetration at 14.3% just 12 months after the build. Next month, Hull will be the first location in MS3’s network to hit 10,000 fibre connections.

MS3’s strategic expansion is all about bridging the digital divide, especially in underserved areas like Hull. These regions have long suffered from high prices due to incumbent operator domination, a situation even Ofcom has recognized. By delivering reliable, ultrafast internet at competitive rates and making it available to multiple ISP partners, MS3 is pushing for digital inclusion and enabling more individuals and businesses to access top-tier internet.

Guy Miller, CEO of MS3 Networks, put it perfectly: “Passing the milestone of 200,000 premises is a testament to our team’s ongoing determination and drive to change the broadband landscape in the region. We remain committed to providing exceptional full fibre services to our ISP partners and their customers as we continue to expand our network. We are also very proud of our take-up levels, with a number of areas in Hull above 20% despite us only starting the build two years ago.”

In short, MS3 is not just expanding its network; it’s revolutionizing broadband access across the North of England, making high-quality, affordable internet a reality for thousands more homes and businesses.

Max Walker

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