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Roughly 50% of workers in the UK are women, according to Tech UK. However, that percentage drops to slightly under half, at 24%, in tech roles. It is the responsibility of businesses to hire, develop, and maintain a diverse staff in order to close the gender gap. In advance of International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, MS3 Networks, a fiber network operator based in Hull, highlights a few of its female employees.

It is now essential for company success to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. It has been demonstrated to spur innovation and raise profitability, in addition to improving a company’s reputation.

Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are, on average, 15% more likely to generate above-average financial returns, according to a McKinsey analysis. It also showed that businesses with female leadership teams outperformed those with less gender diversity by 48%.

Historically, men have dominated the telecommunications industry, particularly in positions involving senior technology. But businesses in the industry as a whole are now trying to reverse this tendency and encourage a more diverse staff.

In light of this, the sector is starting to alter. Ofcom and the biggest network providers in the UK inked a new agreement in June 2023, promising to encourage more women to pursue jobs in technology.

The goals of MS3 demand personnel from a variety of backgrounds. Let’s hear from a few of the team’s full fiber specialists in light of this.

Senior Streetworks Coordinator Courtney Clark

“In November 2022, I began serving as a physical infrastructure access (PIA) advisor for MS3 Networks. I was elevated to Senior Streetworks Coordinator after six months. This position includes managing daily streetworks operations, scheduling them, and assigning the streetworks personnel. Additionally, I communicate with other relevant parties and local municipalities to make sure that contractor workloads are managed smoothly.

As the senior female employee representing the streetworks team, I work in the build department. Everyone feels appreciated and is able to contribute to the fullest extent possible in the environment that MS3 Networks fosters. In particular, my team embraces diversity and acknowledges individual variations and values.

On International Women’s Day, I take some time to consider the advancements made for women’s rights both globally and inside the company I work for. It also motivates the next generation of women climbing the corporate ladder in a field dominated by men.”

Manager of Senior Projects, Vicki Miller

“It is my duty as a Senior Project Manager to make sure the group is working toward the same objective. It calls for careful preparation, skillful problem-solving, and good communication. As the key player, I make sure that goals are accomplished within the limits of scope, money, and time.

The steadfast dedication of MS3 Networks to inclusion, equality, and diversity is what makes it unique. The company’s leadership programs, employee resource groups, and recruitment procedures all demonstrate its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace. Every voice is appreciated and heard at MS3 Networks.

I find that International Women’s Day is a sad reminder of both the progress we’ve achieved and the still-to-be-made towards gender equality.”

Evie Huber, an assistant in marketing

“As a Wholesale Account Manager at MS3 Networks, I helped to manage and expand a number of our network’s wholesale partners in the start of my career. I joined the marketing team more than a year later.

These days, in addition to managing our company’s events, I also oversee market research initiatives, assist in developing our advertising campaigns, manage our customer review platforms, communicate with our PR team regarding press coverage, and work with our wholesale partners on their marketing strategy.

I feel like I can be myself at work and that MS3 Networks accepts me for who I am. I always feel valued and heard, and this fosters a great environment for both personal and professional growth.”

Natalie Harvey, the manager of facilities

“In addition to overseeing the contracts and maintenance related to building health and safety, I manage two offices and two warehouses located in different locations. I oversee a fleet of company cars and collaborate closely with the chief financial officer and people officer for all business insurance requirements.

I was working as MS3 Networks’ office manager for the initial portion of my tenure there. With the intention of changing roles, I have, nevertheless, started an apprenticeship in facilities management in addition to my current position. I first saw how heavily male-dominated the facilities management industry is when I was an apprentice and the only female student in the class.”

Sarah Hirst, Controller of Finance

“In my capacity as MS3 Networks’ financial controller, I make sure that the proper amount of funds is in place and collaborate with budget holders to achieve the goals. I manage the accounting department and uphold the company’s financial controls.

Because MS3 Networks acknowledges that life is more than just work, they enable me to work flexibly and create a schedule that works for me. As much as the management at MS3 Networks value our labor, they also recognize the value of family and home life. Being a quickly expanding business, we have witnessed tremendous change in the previous two years, which has produced a culture that makes MS3 Networks an excellent place to work where everyone can succeed.”

Keep up the good work MS3!

Emily Turner

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