Lightning Fibre Unveils Exclusive Discounts in 2023 Black Friday and Winter Sale

In a strategic move to kickstart the festive season, Lightning Fibre has announced its 2023 Black Friday and Winter Sale, featuring enticing discounts on select packages. The limited-time promotion allows customers to save significantly by using the discount code WINTER before the sale concludes on December 31, 2023.

Discount Details:

The highlight of the sale includes a 25% discount on two prominent packages when using the code WINTER. For the Residential 150Mbps 24-month package, originally priced at £24 per month with a £48 setup fee, customers can now avail themselves of the reduced rate of £18 per month with no setup fee. Additionally, the first month is offered free, resulting in an impressive overall saving of £170.

Similarly, the Residential 1Gbps 24-month package, previously priced at £39, is now available at £29 per month, with the first month offered free as well. This exclusive deal translates to a substantial saving of £269.

It is essential to note that the discount is exclusively applicable to the specified packages and only for new customers. The reduced rates are applicable to broadband services only and do not extend to Virtual Landline or Extender services. Customers are encouraged to contact Lightning Fibre if they have any queries regarding the discount application to additional services.

Existing Customer Benefits:

For existing customers paying higher rates under a fixed-term contract, Lightning Fibre extends the invitation to discuss alternative options with its customer services team. Operating daily from 8 am to 8 pm, except on Christmas Day, the team can be reached at 01323 380260.

Refer A Friend Offer:

Importantly, the ongoing Refer A Friend scheme remains unaffected by the Black Friday and Winter Sale. Customers can seamlessly apply both a referral code and the promo code during online purchases. Should any issues arise in utilizing the referral code, customers are advised to place orders by phone and inform the sales advisor. In such cases, an additional free month will be applied for new customers, along with a complimentary month for the referee (existing customer).

Lightning Fibre’s Black Friday and Winter Sale present a unique opportunity for individuals seeking high-speed broadband solutions at discounted rates, making it a noteworthy consideration for both new and existing customers looking to optimize their internet services.

Jonny Rae

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