Lightning Fibre Acknowledged for Commitment to Children With Cancer Fund

In a heartfelt recognition of their ongoing philanthropic efforts, Lightning Fibre has been presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the local cancer charity, Children With Cancer Fund. The commendation was extended during a celebratory event at the View Hotel Eastbourne, where Lightning Fibre has consistently demonstrated its support for the noble cause.

For several years, Lightning Fibre has been an avid supporter of Children With Cancer Fund, contributing to various initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in the local community. The recent accolade was bestowed upon Head of Customer Services, Daryl Knight, who graciously accepted the certificate on behalf of Lightning Fibre from the charity’s founder, Chris Downton.

The occasion, marked by a delightful afternoon tea party, symbolizes the enduring partnership between Lightning Fibre and Children With Cancer Fund. Beyond the ceremonial aspect, Lightning Fibre has taken a practical step to enhance the charity’s operations by installing Full Fibre broadband at its headquarters. This strategic implementation, facilitated through the collaboration with managed IT service partner DWD Telecoms, underlines Lightning Fibre’s commitment to providing crucial connectivity solutions to support the charity’s mission.

Expressing gratitude for the Certificate of Appreciation, Daryl Knight emphasized Lightning Fibre’s dedication to the cause and affirmed the company’s ongoing support for Children With Cancer Fund in the years ahead. This recognition not only highlights the positive role that businesses can play in their communities but also showcases the tangible contributions that technology companies like Lightning Fibre can make to local charitable endeavors.

Emily Turner

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