Landslip Impacts Openreach Network in Swanscombe, Affecting Connectivity for 1,500 Customers

Swanscombe, Kent – An unexpected landslip has disrupted Openreach’s network in Swanscombe, Kent, leading to connectivity issues for approximately 1,500 homes and businesses in the vicinity.

Openreach’s team of engineers has been diligently working to restore service to affected customers. They have taken measures such as diverting phone and broadband networks to minimize the disruption, successfully reinstating service for hundreds of customers. However, given the complexity of the repair work, which involves both copper and fibreoptic infrastructure, the restoration process is expected to take a few more days.

As of now, it is estimated that around 1,500 customers continue to experience connectivity problems due to this incident. Openreach acknowledges the frustration and inconvenience this situation may cause and appreciates the patience demonstrated by those affected.

Openreach urges individuals encountering disruptions with their phone or broadband services to promptly report the issue to their respective service providers. These providers will subsequently communicate the reports to Openreach, facilitating a more efficient resolution process.

Jonny Rae

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