Jeremy Quin MP Visits Horsham’s Full Fibre Works by CityFibre

CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform, welcomed Jeremy Quin MP for a tour of Horsham’s ongoing full fibre network construction. This visit provided Mr. Quin with an up-close look at the £12 million town-wide project, with a focus on the works in Forest ward.

During the visit, representatives from CityFibre and build partner Lanes-i introduced Mr. Quin to full fibre digital infrastructure, emphasizing its status as the best network technology available. They also provided demonstrations of the typical build process, including excavation and reinstatement.

Full fibre networks differ from most digital infrastructure currently accessible to households, as they use 100% full fibre to transmit data at high speed directly from the home to the point of connection. This results in consistently faster upload and download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps, near limitless bandwidth, and dependable connectivity.

Moreover, a full fibre connection offers more than just high-speed entertainment; it is regarded as an essential digital utility that benefits both households and businesses. Experts suggest it will drive various economic advantages, including increased productivity and innovation.

CityFibre’s spokesperson highlighted the economic opportunities the full fibre network would unlock for Horsham. According to research by the consultancy Hatch, the network is expected to contribute £58 million in productivity and innovation to the town and increase house values by £75 million.

Jeremy Quin MP for Horsham expressed his satisfaction with the progress of CityFibre’s £12 million project, emphasizing the importance of digital infrastructure in enabling the town’s growth in the digital age.

Construction of the network in Horsham is undertaken by Lanes-i on behalf of CityFibre. The team employs various construction methods and collaborates closely with Horsham District Council and local communities to ensure a swift rollout while managing potential disruptions.

As each neighborhood’s network nears completion, CityFibre will designate homes as ‘ready for service,’ allowing residents to connect to full fibre-enabled broadband services as soon as they become available.

Across the UK, CityFibre collaborates with launch partner Vodafone to deliver next-generation broadband services. Additionally, TalkTalk, Giganet, Zen, IDNet, and others are expected to join the network in the near future.

Jonny Rae

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