It Begins! Family Receives First Full Fibre Connection In New Forest Thanks To Wessex Internet!

Gillian and Jeff Bailey, residents of Martin in Hampshire, are among the first in the New Forest to experience the lightning-fast benefits of ultrafast full fibre broadband courtesy of Wessex Internet, all thanks to Project Gigabit, the government’s initiative aimed at bringing top-spee full fibre broadband to remote communities.

With a chunky £14 million investment from Project Gigabit awarded to Wessex Internet last year, rural villages in the New Forest are now reaping the rewards. Over 10,500 properties are to join the digital fast lane, specifically targeting areas that would have otherwise missed out on the industry’s push for faster, more reliable broadband without government intervention.

This upgrade isn’t just about faster Netflix streams or smoother online shopping—it’s about catalyzing economic growth, job creation, and fostering long-term positive change by ensuring rural communities have access to cutting-edge networks designed to meet their needs well into the future.

The Baileys, a couple in their sixties who traded city life for the tranquility of village living 14 years ago, are thrilled about the boost Wessex Internet’s full fibre connection brings. The New Forest offers untouched natural landscapes for holiday makers and residents to enjoy, but that also means the broadband infrastructure is somewhat “untouched”. Now, that’s all changed! The New Forest will be able to provide free roaming ponies with “galloping” fast broadband, all thanks to Wessex Internet.

Jez Allman, Chief Commercial Officer at Wessex Internet, expressed pride in completing the network build with the following statement “Martin is our first completed network build as part of Project Gigabit New Forest. It’s great to be working with the community and the government to provision ultrafast broadband into people’s homes and businesses, so that they can benefit more fully from the Internet of Things (IoT). We’re very proud of the collaborative effort achieved in this project between the Martin community and the Wessex Internet team.”

Martin’s success story is just the beginning. Wessex Internet is forging ahead, connecting more rural villages in Hampshire, including Whitsbury, Damerham, Rockbourne, Sway, and Brockenhurst, to the benefits of Project Gigabit. Residents eager to learn if Wessex Internet is coming to their area can check online or reach out directly.

Max Walker

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