Hyperoptic Revamps Brand, Pledging Exceptional Customer Experience Amidst Broadband Woes

In a bold move to redefine its brand, Hyperoptic, a leading full fibre alternative broadband provider, is renewing its focus on delivering a superior customer experience, striving to stand out in an industry plagued by poor customer service, as revealed by recent research.

The study conducted by Hyperoptic highlighted the prevalent frustration and dread among UK broadband users when attempting to interact with their broadband provider. Nearly a third of respondents (29.9%) expressed feelings of frustration or even dread when contemplating contacting a human representative. Over a quarter of participants admitted to experiencing emotions ranging from anger to confusion after interacting with their broadband provider’s customer services.

An alarming 38.5% of those surveyed believed that the UK’s broadband providers offered the poorest customer service compared to other industries. Astonishingly, despite 60% of respondents claiming that subpar customer service would prompt them to switch providers, almost a quarter (23%) had never made the switch due to perceived inconvenience, and 30% expressed the desire to switch but deemed it too time-consuming or cumbersome. Moreover, 22% felt that switching would be complicated due to their current provider’s hindrances.

Dana Tobak, Founder and CEO of Hyperoptic, commented on the disheartening state of customer experience within the broadband sector, stating, “The customer experience offered by most broadband providers is mediocre at best and extremely poor at worst, and people are just putting up with it. Nearly a third of the people we spoke to said their broadband provider doesn’t care about them, yet they continue to put up with it.”

As part of this transformative rebranding effort, Hyperoptic has unveiled its new tagline, ‘In your corner,’ emphasizing their dedication to improving customer satisfaction. This rebranding initiative comes with a renewed focus on key customer-centric areas:

Reliability: Assuring a gigabit full fibre network available 99.9% of the time, complemented by a customer service team committed to delivering on promises.

Fairness: Introducing a competitor price match guarantee for new subscribers and ensuring existing customers have access to the same prices as new customers upon renewal.

Simplicity: Demonstrating commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction by allowing hassle-free exits within 30 days if customers are dissatisfied, accompanied by a dedicated Hypercare representative to ease the transition.

Service: Promising round-the-clock, year-round customer service availability and showcasing an impressive number of five-star Trustpilot reviews, surpassing major competitors like Virgin, BT, and Sky combined.

Lutfu Kitapci, Hyperoptic’s Chief Customer Officer, emphasized the company’s pledge to provide a better broadband experience, stating, “In your corner. That’s how we want our customers to feel about us: Hyperoptic cares about me. Hyperoptic has got my back. I can rely on Hyperoptic. Our new brand platform and campaign that we’ve launched today shines a light on Hyperoptic’s commitment to our customers.”

This transformation aims to offer a refreshing alternative in an industry grappling with customer service dissatisfaction, unclear pricing models, and inadequate network reliability. The accompanying TV campaign, themed around being ‘hyper reliable and hyper serious about service,’ further echoes Hyperoptic’s renewed commitment to elevating customer satisfaction in the broadband domain.

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