GoFibre hits 100,000 Properties Passed!

Over the past 18 months, Scottish independent broadband provider GoFibre has achieved a significant milestone. Now, over 100,000 homes and businesses across Scotland and northern England can connect to GoFibre’s ultra-fast and reliable broadband network.

GoFibre is on a mission to close the digital divide in Scotland, focusing on rural and hard-to-reach areas. Recent research highlights the importance of their work, revealing that only 35% of homes in rural Scotland have access to full-fibre broadband.

A core part of GoFibre’s expansion strategy is supporting rural economic development. By recruiting local talent who live and work in the communities they connect, GoFibre ensures a deep understanding of each area’s unique needs, keeping customers at the heart of their operations.

GoFibre’s growth has significantly ramped up its construction efforts, expanding its network across thirty towns and villages. Residents in these areas are already experiencing the benefits, from boosted business productivity to an enhanced digital life at home.

As of June 2024, GoFibre’s full-fibre network is ready for service in more than 100,000 premises, spanning key regions such as:

  • Aberdeenshire: 9,600 premises
  • Angus: 12,200 premises
  • Fife: 23,500 premises
  • East Lothian and Midlothian: 21,500 premises
  • Scottish Borders: 23,900 premises
  • North Northumberland: 11,200 premises
  • Durham-Teesdale: 3,700 premises

With GoFibre, residents and businesses can access speeds up to 1 Gbps, far surpassing the UK’s median average internet speed of 73.21 Mbps as of 2023. Even on its entry-level package, GoFibre offers more than double this speed.

Neil Conaghan, CEO of GoFibre, shared his excitement: “Reaching this milestone so quickly means we’ve positively impacted more lives and businesses faster. In today’s digital world, a reliable high-speed broadband connection is essential, and lacking it can hold people and businesses back from reaching their full potential.

“Our local focus and dedication to our customers set us apart. Scottish engineering and ingenuity have driven us to achieve this milestone, ensuring we provide responsive, high-quality customer service from experts with local knowledge.

“This accomplishment firmly places us on the map as a major broadband provider in our regions, and we can’t wait to continue expanding our services. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction will drive us forward as we build on this success.”

In early 2022, GoFibre secured £164 million in funding from Gresham House’s Sustainable Infrastructure strategy (BSIF) to accelerate its rollout of full-fibre broadband throughout Scotland and northern England.

GoFibre is dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy in the communities it serves, with a strong focus on social impact. In July 2023, the company launched the GoFurther Fund to support charitable and community projects in the regions it operates. Six months on, the first share from the £50,000 fund has helped support various projects, including education and employability services, social sessions to tackle loneliness and isolation, and after-school activities to empower young people from all backgrounds.

GoFibre’s remarkable journey continues, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Max Walker

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