Gigaclear Comes to the Rescue of Wiltshire Primary School in Playground Crisis

Preshute Primary School in Manton, near Marlborough, Wiltshire, faced an unexpected challenge when construction work left three holes in their playground. The holes were a result of footings dug for new external canopy support posts. While the repair required only a small amount of Tarmac, the school was concerned about the costs of hiring a team to complete the work.

In a moment of innovation, school governor Simon Baldock reached out to Gigaclear, a full fibre broadband provider currently extending its network in the area, for assistance.

Simon shared, “I’d seen Gigaclear laying its cables in the village and saw they had a ‘hot box’ trailer for the Tarmac. Although I knew it was a long shot, I got in touch with them last week to see if they could help resolve the issue whilst our pupils were on half term.”

Gigaclear swiftly responded, contacting Richard Sullivan, Head of Construction at contractor Avonline. Avonline agreed to divert their reinstatement team, provided by Proconect DMT, to carry out the necessary repairs. Remarkably, by the time the students returned to school after half term, the work was completed.

Simon expressed his gratitude, saying, “It was a matter of days between me first contacting Gigaclear and the work being completed by Avonline. They could not have been more supportive. Thanks to them, the work is now finished and where we initially thought we’d only be able to provide a temporary finish, we now have a permanent solution. Not only have we managed to save some school funds, but we have a playground ready for the children to enjoy.”

Gigaclear’s spokesman, Richard Arquati, appreciated Avonline’s swift response and support. He reiterated the company’s commitment to being a helpful presence in the community.

Gigaclear is currently expanding its network to more than 4,400 homes in Marlborough and its surrounding rural areas, with approximately 1,100 homeowners already able to access its full fibre broadband. Additionally, Gigaclear recently initiated sponsorship of Marlborough Rugby Club’s minis and juniors teams, further demonstrating its dedication to community involvement.

Jonny Rae

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