Fife Transforms Digital Landscape: Openreach Unleashes Full Fibre Connectivity in R100 Build 02

In a groundbreaking development, Openreach, in collaboration with the Scottish Government’s visionary £600 million Reaching 100% programme, has ushered in a new era of digital connectivity for approximately 4,100 households and businesses in Fife. The R100 build, part of this ambitious initiative, signifies a significant stride towards providing full fibre technology to 40,000 of Scotland’s most challenging-to-connect properties.

Recent expansions in Auchtermuchty, Boarhills, Cardenden, Cupar, Dysart, Leven, and Luthrie underscore the success of the R100 rollout. Openreach engineers and their dedicated partners are diligently working on the ground, with addresses in Aberdour and Glenrothes, and additional homes in Auchtermuchty, Cupar, and Newburgh slated for upgrades to ultra-fast and reliable connections.

Full fibre broadband, exceeding 30 times the speed of the Scottish Government’s initial commitment, promises a transformative leap for homes and businesses, especially in locations like Auchtermuchty and Buckhaven. Residents can check the rollout status for their addresses and register for updates at, facilitating a seamless upgrade process through their chosen providers once full fibre is available.

Scottish Government Innovation Minister Richard Lochhead emphasized the pivotal role of R100 contracts in delivering future-proofed digital infrastructure, foreseeing enduring economic growth and enhanced prospects for communities across Scotland. The digital connectivity revolution, driven by full fibre broadband, is reshaping lives by connecting people in novel ways, enhancing public services, and aiding businesses in developing new products while reducing costs.

Full fibre broadband doesn’t merely provide speed; it ensures reliability, resilience, and future-proof connections with fewer faults, consistent speeds, and ample capacity to meet escalating data demands across various devices. This transformative technology is a boon for online activities, from data-hungry streaming to online gaming, catering to both residential and business needs.

Robert Thorburn, Openreach Partnership Director for Scotland, acknowledged the monumental impact of the R100 programme, bringing fast, reliable broadband to the most challenging terrains in Scotland. He highlighted the upcoming surge in work, promising progress in the weeks and months ahead. Thorburn emphasized collaborative efforts with local authorities and build partners to minimize disruption to residents, illustrating the program’s commitment to delivering a connected Scotland.

Jonny Rae

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