Exascale’s Fibre Initiative Empowers Telford-Based Charity’s Redevelopment Project

Exascale has embarked on a collaborative effort with the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust, a charitable organization located in Telford, to introduce fibre connectivity to the Wappenshall Junction redevelopment project.

The project will rejuvenate the Canal basin area by providing communal spaces and an onsite café for the community’s benefit.

CEO of Exascale, Thomas Bibb, highlighted the company’s contribution, stating, “We will be providing managed WiFi solutions in addition to Managed Gigabit Full Fibre connectivity to the building, a massive improvement on the current 1Mbps legacy ADSL connection.” – Surprisingly, its still very common for rural locations to only receive ADSL type connectivity. Even in 2024!

Bernie Jones, Chairman of the Trust, expressed enthusiasm about the development, emphasizing its significance in bringing the historic site up to “modern scratch” . He remarked, “This will bring 21st Century technology to our 200-year-old wharf, for the benefit of our visitors.”

Moreover, Exascale’s network expansion initiative extends beyond the Wappenshall area to cater to properties north of Telford & Wrekin. This expansion encompasses diverse locales, ranging from large business estates like Hortonwood to villages such as Preston upon the Weald Moors, with Wappenshall being the most recent addition to its network coverage.

By integrating high-speed fibre connectivity into the Wappenshall Junction redevelopment project, Exascale aims to facilitate digital transformation and enhance the overall experience for visitors and residents alike. This endeavor underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to drive positive change within local communities while preserving and celebrating their rich heritage.

Emily Turner

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