Digital Infrastructure’s Strategic Partnership with Wesco Anixter to Propel Nationwide Full Fibre Deployment

In a significant development, Digital Infrastructure, a prominent altnet provider, has forged a strategic collaboration with Wesco Anixter, a leading telecom distributor. This multi-year agreement entails the establishment of a comprehensive fixed-line network for Digital Infrastructure, a pivotal move in their nationwide full fibre rollout. Wesco Anixter, leveraging its expertise in end-to-end supply chain management, will provide operational solutions to bolster Digital Infrastructure’s expansion efforts.

Under this collaboration, Wesco Anixter will act as a vital strategic partner, offering essential support and expertise to drive the ambitious full fibre network deployment of Digital Infrastructure and its sister brand, BeFibre, an internet service provider (ISP). BeFibre, too, stands to benefit from this partnership, as it receives support in focusing on the ‘final mile’ of network delivery and enhancing consumer uptake.

The genesis of this partnership traces back to over a year of close collaboration between the firms, evolving from ambitious startups to established industry players. Wesco Anixter will extend its knowledge in supply chain management, cost-effective deployment, passive infrastructure provisioning, inventory control, delivery of installation materials, and strategic sourcing expertise, aiding Digital Infrastructure in managing expenditure effectively within its supply chain.

Rick Arsenault, VP & GM of Global Service Providers, Broadband and Wireless at Wesco Anixter, expressed enthusiasm about supporting both Digital Infrastructure and BeFibre in realizing their vision of providing high-speed broadband connections to customers across the UK. The collaboration with Wesco Anixter aligns with the broader objective of future-proofing the UK’s broadband access, meeting the surging demand for high-speed internet.

Paul Doyle, CEO at Digital Infrastructure and BeFibre, highlighted the strategic significance of the partnership with Wesco Anixter, emphasizing how it would catalyze their full fibre rollout while strategically aligning with their scaling plans.

Currently, BeFibre successfully operates in more than 30 towns and cities across the UK. Leveraging BT’s existing physical infrastructure access (PIA) network, Digital Infrastructure is on track to provide broadband access to a designated base of 400,000 premises, with over 100,000 premises now ready for connection. This collaboration with Wesco Anixter positions Digital Infrastructure and BeFibre strongly in their efforts to meet the burgeoning demand for high-speed internet access in the UK, in sync with the government’s initiatives to future-proof the nation’s broadband infrastructure.

Jonny Rae

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