Data Usage Insight from Zen Internet shows a spike in 21% through 2022

The article discusses the various spikes in internet usage that occurred in 2022, as reported by internet service provider Zen Internet. The article notes that Zen Internet saw its highest data spike in December 2021, and this was repeated in December 2022 with a spike that was 21% higher than the previous year.

The article highlights several events that led to significant spikes in internet traffic throughout the year. One of the biggest spikes occurred on Wednesday, 14th December, around 8:30pm, as the France versus Morocco World Cup semi-final football match ended. Other spikes were seen on the day that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was released for download, as well as during the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power release, and during the Glastonbury Festival.

The FIFA World Cup also created several spikes in internet traffic, linked to matches between England and Iran, England and Wales, France and Morocco, and Argentina and France. Similarly, the release of Peaky Blinders caused a significant spike in BBC iPlayer traffic.

The article notes that not all events led to spikes in internet usage. For example, the Women’s Euro Final caused a dip in internet traffic as viewers gathered together to watch the match live on the BBC.

The article concludes by noting that the increasing demand for fast, reliable internet connectivity highlights the importance of choosing a quality internet provider. For those interested in streaming video, a connection speed of 30 Mbps is sufficient, while online gamers may require faster speeds to handle large downloads and updates. Ultimately, a consistent latency and low jitter are the most important metrics for online gaming.

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