Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?: Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by websites you visit to enhance your experience. This site utilizes cookies to collect information and provide personalized features. The following sections detail the types of cookies we use and how you can manage them. For a general understanding of cookies, please search “What Are Cookies” on the internet.

Our Use of Cookies: We employ cookies for various purposes to ensure the optimal functionality of our site. While you can disable cookies, doing so might limit certain features and hamper your user experience. Therefore, we recommend keeping cookies enabled.

How to Disable Cookies: If you prefer, you can control or disable cookies through your browser settings (check your browser’s Help section for guidance). However, please note that disabling cookies might deactivate specific functions and features on our site, making it less interactive.


The Cookies We Use

Email Newsletters Cookies: These help remember if you’re registered for our newsletter and control notifications applicable to subscribed or unsubscribed users.

Forms Related Cookies: These recall your user details for future correspondence when you submit data through forms like contact or comment forms.

Site Preferences Cookies: To tailor your experience, we use these cookies to remember your preferences and settings.

Third-Party Cookies: We may also utilize third-party cookies, including:

Google Analytics: To understand site usage and enhance your experience, we use Google Analytics, a popular and trustworthy analytics solution. These cookies collect data on your engagement with our site. More details can be found on the official Google Analytics page.

Testing and Optimization Cookies: Occasionally, we might employ cookies to test new features or tweaks to ensure consistency in your site experience and gauge user preferences.

Purchase Tracking Cookies: As we offer services, it’s essential to track visitor statistics related to purchases. These cookies help us to optimize advertising and product costs, providing you with the best prices.