CityFibre’s Full Fibre Rollout Enhances Digital Connectivity in Dundee

Dundee, UK – CityFibre, the UK’s leading independent provider of full fibre infrastructure, has marked a significant milestone in the digital transformation of Dundee. A £40 million network rollout initiated by CityFibre in 2020 has enabled residents and businesses in Dundee to access faster and more reliable broadband, positioning the city as a part of the growing full fibre upgrade movement.

The extensive network coverage already benefits much of Dundee, and CityFibre’s rollout is now expanding to Invergowrie, Ninewells Hospital, Marketgait, the vicinity of the Overgate Shopping Centre, East Marketgait, Hilltown, and the Waterfront near South Victoria Dock Road. The comprehensive rollout is projected to reach completion by 2024, providing local homes and businesses the opportunity to future-proof their digital connectivity.

Paul Wakefield, CityFibre’s Senior Partnership Manager for Dundee, expressed the positive impact of the full fibre rollout, noting that it allows homes and businesses in Dundee to access lightning-fast and highly reliable broadband. This upgrade promises a myriad of benefits, including increased productivity, innovation, and new investment opportunities for the city’s future.

The project has garnered the support of the local community, and CityFibre is committed to working closely with its trusted build partner, GCU UK Limited, and Dundee City Council to minimize disruptions during the rollout.

Full fibre networks, utilizing 100% fibre optics, enable the transmission of data at lightning speed from homes to connection points. This infrastructure ensures users enjoy speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for both upload and download, virtually limitless bandwidth, and consistent connectivity.

CityFibre’s objective is to offer residents a competitive selection of service providers. In Dundee, customers have the option to subscribe to services from UK launch partner Vodafone, available on selected Vodafone Pro Broadband plans, along with TalkTalk, Giganet, Fibrecast, Zen, Brillband, and EdenOak. Furthermore, CityFibre expects to welcome additional providers to join the network in the near future.

This significant digital upgrade reinforces Dundee’s position as a city embracing the future of digital connectivity, fostering innovation and productivity for its residents and businesses alike.

Jonny Rae

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