Byfleet and Woking Residents to Enjoy Ultrafast Broadband Upgrade

Byfleet and Woking residents can now bid farewell to the frustrations of poor connections and sluggish broadband, thanks to a significant expansion by a leading internet service provider in Surrey.

The expansion has brought ultrafast and dependable internet services to the region, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy seamless online experiences. The provider, committed to prioritizing customer needs, introduced its 1000 Mbps standard package, providing internet speeds up to 14 times faster than the UK average.

Rehana Hussain, the first customer to experience this service, has already noticed the remarkable difference, bidding adieu to lag, embarrassing Zoom calls, and the family disputes that often arise from poor internet connectivity. This upgrade comes with a reasonable price tag, as Rehana is only paying £27.99 per month, thanks to the provider’s ultrafair pricing approach.

Notably, this broadband provider differentiates itself by placing customers at the forefront of its services. It offers 24/7 UK-based customer support, which has earned an impressive 4.9 rating on Trustpilot. Additionally, the provider offers in-contract price guarantees, ensuring transparent pricing and peace of mind for customers.

For those seeking an even faster experience, the company also unveiled its 8000 Mbps package, one of the fastest home broadband packages available in the UK. This high-speed package empowers users to engage in multiple online activities simultaneously without any compromise.

The company is collaborating with Netomnia, its build partner, to further expand its coverage across Byfleet and Woking, reaching more properties in the coming months. This expansion promises to provide residents with improved connectivity, transforming the online experience for households in the region.

Jonny Rae

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