BeFibre Initiates Broadband Future Proofing in Killamarsh

In a stride toward future-proofing broadband infrastructure, construction has commenced to upgrade broadband connectivity in Killamarsh, benefitting approximately 19,000 residents. The initiative aims to deliver high-speed internet capabilities, guaranteeing the speeds necessary for current and future demands.

An essential aspect of this initiative is the utilization of existing ducts, minimizing the need to excavate the roads in Killamarsh. This approach aligns with the company’s strategy to adopt faster and less disruptive construction methods, ultimately reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and mitigating the environmental impact of network deployment.

Once the upgrade is completed, the network will be managed by BeFibre, a next-generation internet service provider. The project anticipates that Killamarsh will be fully broadband-ready by the early summer, providing the community with efficient and reliable internet services.

Commenting on this development, Louise Elliott, the Chief Customer and Operations Officer for Digital Infrastructure and BeFibre, highlighted the necessity of providing communities with adequate internet connectivity. The full-fibre infrastructure, extending to the ‘last mile’ and directly to users’ premises, ensures customers receive the connectivity they pay for, contrary to the common scenario where users receive only a fraction of the promised speeds.

Jonny Rae

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