BeeBu Unveiled: The New Challenger in the UK Market

Some exciting news in the industry today… BeeBu has announced its launch into the UK market!

We’ve seen a few newcomers launch this year, but nothing on this scale (so you can see why I’m extra giddy).

Here’s what you need to know:

The brand is pretty on point. Modern, fresh, speaks to a young audience, and has the feel of a new “disruptor” (as you’d expect).

Now, the extra interesting part is how they operate against multiple networks. Instead of rolling out its own full-fibre infrastructure, BeeBu is collaborating with leading broadband networks to offer ultrafast full-fibre broadband to households nationwide. Of course, we’ve seen this in the past with large household names, but we’ve never seen a brand integrate into as many full-fibre providers as BeeBu. Current partners include Openreach/Vodafone, CityFibre, MS3, Freedom Fibre, FullFibre, and F&W, with more partnerships on the horizon.

BeeBu’s full-fibre is accessible to 14.8 million homes in the UK and is on track to be available in 16 million homes by August 2024. 

It’s clear they’re not entering an already crowded market blind. BeeBu has been operating in incognito mode for the past eighteen months. Carefully turning the cogs in the background, ensuring they have a scalable operation with the highest level of customer service. They’ve largely researched the market and spared no resources to ensure they have all the boxes ticked in order to provide a top-tier service and product. They’ve announced that they have invested heavily in the Vantage Cloud SaaS stack to ensure scale can be achieved without service levels dropping, by relying on a mix of technology and human resources, with their UK based team in Fareham.

Their investment in internal tech is equal to that in end-user tech: Judging by the postcode checker and sales journey, we can see BeeBu offering customers a much higher-tier router (Genexis). It’s not often you see disruptive (affordable) national players offer a high-spec router to customers, so it’s clear they’re staying true to their “high service” statements.

Dave Kilby, CEO (snipped in our cover image), says: “Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed multiple broadband companies entering the market, some catering to niche communities, specific regions, or localities. However, a recurring trend is that customer service and reliability are somewhat lacking, failing to meet consumer expectations. BeeBu approaches this differently. Since the inception of this project, we have aimed to stand out, providing ultrafast full-fibre broadband access to more UK homes than any other provider, all the while ensuring it is highly dependable and cost-effective.”

“Our approach is straightforward – at BeeBu, there is no need for additional network construction, as solid infrastructure already exists in the UK. Our mission is to ensure customers receive what they pay for – reliable, affordable broadband, complemented by exceptional customer service. That’s what the team at BeeBu is committed to delivering.”

We’ve got a very interesting brand to keep everyone updated on, and to say we’re excited to do so, is an understatement. Stay tuned! (or subscribe to ours newsletter)

Jonny Rae

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