Alderminster and Ilmington Residents Encouraged by Openreach to Embrace Ultrafast Broadband Future

Openreach, a leading digital infrastructure provider, is calling on the residents and businesses of Alderminster and Ilmington in Warwickshire to support an initiative aimed at delivering ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to their local community.

The company has issued a vital warning that failing to apply for free Government broadband vouchers could result in the community missing out on a transformative full fibre upgrade, which promises faster speeds and enhanced reliability.

By rallying sufficient community participation, residents of both Alderminster and Ilmington have the potential to join the ranks of over 80,000 homes and businesses across Warwickshire that already enjoy access to full fibre broadband.

This initiative is bolstered by funding through the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, complemented by the deployment of cutting-edge broadband signal boosting technology. This technology has the capability to extend the reach of the full fibre network, making ultrafast technology accessible to thousands of remote rural communities similar to Alderminster and Ilmington.

Openreach has identified both Alderminster and Ilmington as strong candidates for Full Fibre coverage. To bring this vision to life, local residents are strongly encouraged to apply for free Government Gigabit Vouchers, thereby contributing to the network’s construction.

Eligibility can be determined, and vouchers pledged through the Connect My Community website. Importantly, these vouchers come at no cost to residents and enable Openreach to collaborate with the community to create a tailored, co-funded network. This approach ensures that the ultrafast, ultra-reliable network can be extended to premises in outlying rural areas that might not otherwise benefit from private investment.

Jonny Rae

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