Aberdeen to Experience Economic Boost from CityFibre’s Full Fibre Rollout

Aberdeen is poised to reap significant economic benefits from CityFibre’s ongoing full fibre infrastructure rollout, according to a report commissioned by the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform.

The study, conducted by the consultancy Hatch under the title “Economic Impact of Full Fibre Infrastructure from CityFibre’s Network,” estimates that over a fifteen-year period, CityFibre’s £59 million investment in Aberdeen will result in £374 million in productivity and innovation gains, £82 million from a widened workforce, and £172 million in increased housing value.

The report also highlights the potential technological benefits of CityFibre’s network in Aberdeen, projecting it could unlock £892 million in GVA (Gross Value Added) from 5G services, £178 million from the Internet of Things (IoT), and £158 million from Smart City initiatives.

The shift towards remote and flexible working, facilitated by full fibre access, is extending the workforce pool for employers. In Aberdeen, this broadening of the workforce is expected to generate £82 million in GVA, while nationwide productivity improvements from flexible working are anticipated to exceed £1.2 billion.

The report also emphasizes the direct impact of network construction on Aberdeen’s economic growth. The construction phase is creating jobs in network construction within CityFibre’s build partners and supply chain, with a preference for local recruitment wherever possible.

On a national scale, the UK is poised to benefit from over £38 billion in potential economic advantages, with Scotland accounting for more than £5 billion of this. The report highlights productivity improvements and innovation as the primary drivers, contributing over £22 billion in nationwide GVA gains.

Allan McEwan, Area Manager for Aberdeen at CityFibre, expressed the company’s commitment to delivering economic and social benefits in Aberdeen. He highlighted the potential of robust full fibre digital infrastructure to support business growth and stimulate the local economy.

Councillor Nicoll, Chair of Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee, commended the massive benefits expected from CityFibre’s work across the city. He noted that full fibre connectivity was an objective of the Aberdeen City Region Deal and emphasized the importance of public and private sector collaboration in achieving this.

The CityFibre network is already operational in Aberdeen, with services available from launch partner Vodafone, TalkTalk, Zen, Giganet, and numerous other providers.

Jonny Rae

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