1,400 Leicestershire Homes to Receive Full Fibre Upgrade by Openreach – Concerns Arise for 10 Villages

Openreach has announced plans to bring Full Fibre broadband to 1,400 homes in Leicestershire. However, 10 villages in the county risk missing out on this upgrade due to a lack of participation in the government voucher scheme.

The initiative encourages communities to use free government vouchers to offset the cost of network upgrades. While several residents, particularly in villages like Rotherby, Scalford, and Waltham on the Wolds, have embraced the scheme and will soon benefit from faster speeds and enhanced reliability, there hasn’t been enough interest to extend the network to Burrough on the Hill, Cold Overton, Knossington, Leesthorpe, Owston, Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Pickwell, Rearsby, Somerby, and Thrussington.

Wendy Sycamore, Openreach’s regional engagement manager for the Midlands, stressed that residents in these villages still have the opportunity to pledge their vouchers, a process that is quick and free. She hopes that the lack of interest is due to forgetfulness or time constraints rather than a lack of interest, considering the significant opportunity for more than 1,500 homes and small businesses.

Sycamore highlighted Openreach’s £15 billion investment to bring Full Fibre broadband to 25 million homes, with over six million of those in the most challenging areas of the UK. Government support through initiatives like these vouchers is vital to achieving this ambitious goal.

Residents interested in determining their eligibility and pledging their vouchers can do so through the Connect My Community website. These vouchers, which come at no cost to residents, enable Openreach to collaborate with communities in building a tailor-made, co-funded network.

Some communities in the region, like Hose near Melton Mowbray, have already taken advantage of this initiative and now enjoy the benefits of Full Fibre broadband. Nigel Hodges, who led the campaign in Hose, expressed his delight, emphasizing the positive impact on businesses and everyday life, and encouraged other communities to seize this opportunity.

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